Idaho Climate Leaders

Who We Are:

Idaho Climate Leaders is a project of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), and is a fast-growing group of skilled CCL volunteers who are engaging Idaho business and community leaders in effective non-partisan climate advocacy.  Working together, we craft strategies for engaging in climate advocacy.  Because CCL chapters cover every Congressional district, we offer unique opportunities for community-based climate advocacy.

To accomplish this, we are building a network of business and community leaders that are:

  • Concerned about climate change;
  • Seek to promote economically-viable solutions;
  • Believe that the best way to achieve effective climate action is through respectful and non-partisan discussion, education, and advocacy with leaders at all levels of government.

How We Work:

We believe that climate action is possible if government leaders hear a practical and common message from a large and diverse group of business and community leaders across the state.  To that end, Idaho Climate Leaders serves as a clearinghouse to connect and network concerned business and community leaders across Idaho.

Our goal is to leverage and amplify the voices of business, organization, and community leaders across Idaho to respectfully advocate for climate action. Our non-partisan methods are consistently respectful, and designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political perspectives.  We build upon shared values to empower local communities to work within their perspectives to take action in order to adopt fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions.

Our first collective effort has been a campaign to encourage Representative Simpson to join the Climate Solutions Caucus in order to learn more about climate issues that impact Idaho and solutions that would benefit Idaho businesses.  To accomplish this, we have leveraged the support of a number of large Idaho companies and organizations to urge the Congressman to take action, beginning with scheduling a face to face meeting with these leaders to discuss their concerns.  We anticipate that the face to face meeting between the leaders and Congressman Simpson will occur this winter.

After we have an open discussion with Representative Simpson, we will begin planning additional projects based upon his feedback as well as from our members.   Future projects will be designed so that the majority of our members can support them, and members can opt out any project that they are not prepared to back.  For example, all members advocate for climate action, but some are not ready to advocate for a specific solution such as a carbon fee and dividend.

The Key to Success:

The key to future success is enlisting a large and diverse group of business and community leaders from across Idaho.  Please consider joining us and adding your voice to others to promote climate action.