Take Action

There are a number of actions that you can take to advocate for climate action:

  • Join our network of business and community leaders concerned about climate chage
    • We can influence government if enough leaders stand together
    • No requests for donations or daily updates, just periodic notifications of opportunities to take action
  • Recommend ICL to your friends and peers
    • We can only increase our influence by increasing the number of leaders that stand with us
    • You share our information directly with your friends and peers using this sites social media buttons, we don’t get their contact information unless they decide to contact us
  • Join our campaign to urge Congressman Simpson to join the Climate Solutions Caucus and support carbon pricing
    • We need your voice now to urge Congressman Simpson to take the fist steps to learning more about climate change
    • We will leverage your voice with the business and community leaders that have already signed up
  • Suggest ways that you think that ICL can help spur climate action
    • We need your suggestions on what we can do and how we can be more effective
  • Send an electronic letter to your Member’s of Congress to endorse support of climate action and/or support for fee and dividend legislation
  • Join Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL)
  • Arrange a custom presentation for your business or organization
    • You can arrange a climate change presentation with the local CCL chapter here, or
    • You can contact ICL for a presentation on how you business or organization can help advocate for climate action