Congressman Simpson Campaign

We are actively urging Representative Simpson to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and to support carbon pricing policies.   We have a meeting with Rep.  Simpson in May where Idaho businesses and organizations will be able to discuss their climate concerns with the Congressman.  We have already enlisted the support of a number of Idaho businesses and organizations, but we need your help in recruiting more support.  Please help us in one or more of the following 3 ways:

Volunteer to Work With Businesses and Organizations

We need CCL volunteers who are willing to contact and work with Idaho business and community leaders.  We will provide training and tools to help you.  Please email us if you are interested.

Arrange and Introductions to a Business or Organization

To enlist the support of businesses and organizations, we need personal or electronic introductions for those who have volunteered to work with them (see above).   Introductions can be directly to a high ranking officer, or to other employees or members who can arrange further introductions.  Please email us if you can help us with introductions, and provide a brief explanation of how you can help (ex: “I can introduce you to xxx who is the CEO of XYC Business, or to zzz who is a prominent member of ABC Organization)

Urge Friends and Family to Sign the Campaign Petition

Our electronic petition (below) allows individuals to quickly send there personal support of our campaign to Rep. Simpson.  Please take a few minutes to send your support here, and utilize our email and social media template to ask your friends and family to support us as well.


Congressman Simpson Climate Solutions Caucus Membership Campaign


Dear Representative Simpson:

As an Idaho citizen, I am very concerned about the impacts of climate change on Idaho's businesses, economy, lands, and people. We are already seeing significant impacts in the form of severe wildfires, choking smoke, infrastructure destroying floods, droughts, and sweltering temperatures. And scientists agree that it will get much worse.

It is imperative that we start taking action to address the growing risk of climate change, and I urge Representative Simpson to join the Climate Solutions Caucus and support carbon pricing policy.

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